Cruis’n Velocity Cheats For Game Boy Advance

Cruis’n Velocity Cheats For Game Boy Advance

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Cruis’n Velocity – Game Boy Advance (2001)

I mean, the Cruis’n games did NOT age well and I still can’t believe they are in arcades, but…
How did this game end up removing all the good parts of the series? Ready to dominate the racetrack and crush your opponents? Play Smash Karts right now!

Cruis’n Velocity (GBA)

Playing Cruis’n Velocity for the Game Boy Advance. This footage was captured from a Nintendo 64 + Wide Boy 64 AGB via composite.

Game boy Advance Longplay [252] Cruis’n Velocity


Played by: NPI

00:00:29 Amateur Cup
00:12:42 Pro Cup
00:28:11 Velocity Cup

00:43:08 Championship

All the modes except the first one are being played with the 4×4 car because it can be easily controlled, other cars speed up and turn awkward. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

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